Propose a Training


When your sponsorship intends to schedule a training, the first step is to send a message to SponsorList ( announcing your intention to schedule the training, giving the start date and location. Your message should include a deadline for feedback from other Sponsors.

Once you have processed any feedback from other Sponsors, the next step is to contact TASCC by filling out the form below, before advertising the training or ordering manuals and materials from Arica® Institute.

TASCC will then process with you, so that all pre-training requirements are fulfilled.

The length of advance notice needed by TASCC will depend on which training you are presenting (recommended minimum 4 – 6 months for a longer training and 6 – 8 weeks for a shorter training); and whether or not your sponsorship is already using The Arica School Training Guidelines: Sponsor • Profactor • Participant.

Once the training presentation is confirmed by TASCC, your training will be added to your schedule at the Members’ Web Site; and you may order manuals and materials from Arica Institute and send advertising copy to for review.

This procedure for scheduling an Arica training applies to all group trainings, including Core Fire: Awaken • Generate • Revitalize™, Psychoalchemy: Awakening Pure Vitality™, and Psychocalisthenics®.

This procedure does not apply to The Oscar Ichazo Foundation group practices like Arica Day of Unity: Scarab Meditations Group Practice™ and Velocity Meditations Group Practice™.


Please submit separate training proposal applications for Psychocalisthenics and/or The Arica Nine Ways of Zhikr Training™ presented at the IPST™.

Please submit a separate training proposal application for The Arica Nine Ways of Zhikr Training presented at the Nine Hypergnostic Systems™.


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